Advent of Code
SmartyStreets Puzzle #1

A Holiday Design for Santa

Rudy the Elf got his first big assignment from the BIG man this Christmas. (Yippee!) He’s responsible for submitting a list of 10 potential delivery points to Santa for his famous distribution of gifts. Wanting to leave a good impression Rudy plotted out a special easter egg for Santa to discover. However, in his haste to show off he sloppily recorded the delivery point data which is now unplottable.

What shape will Santa discover if the following address data was scrubbed and plotted on a map?

A - 1277 North 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230
B - 1684 Avenue P 1684 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229
C - 1744 Stuart 1744 St, Brooklyn, NY 11229
D - oo1918 E 19th St Brooklyn, CA, 11229
E - McDonald's 2409 E 21st St, Brooklyn, NY 11229
F - 2041 Even 12th St Brooklyn, NY, 11229
G - 2258 West St, Rochester, NY 11223
H - 1872 Oceanside Pkwy Brooklyn, NY, 11223
I - 1561 Weston 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11204
J - next to Early Steps, 1719 E 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

*You may find you’d benefit from some address validation tools to solve these puzzles. You can get a free account here.*

Only those who answered all three puzzles correctly will be entered into the drawing for one of six $100 Amazon gift cards. Gift cards will be delivered digitally to the email address associated with the answers. Individuals' answers will be associated with their email address, so please use the same email address for all three puzzles. Puzzle release schedule: Puzzle 1 on 1 December 2021, Puzzle 2 on 8 December 2021, Puzzle 3 on 15 December 2021, each releasing at 12AM ET. Solutions will be accepted until 11:59PM ET on 31 December 2021.